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Rishihood is a social-impact University headquartered in India. The university believes in an ‘ecosystem’ approach to learning rather than isolated training and research. Therefore, Rishihood actively engages and nurtures an ecosystem for our academic areas as well as for the larger growth of the nation and society. Our learning environment inspires people to achieve ‘Rishihood’. Our programmes and projects are designed so that each person associated with the university is motivated to contribute to society in a positive way.

Rishihood University brings the best of Indian and Western methods of Education together. An outcome is a multidisciplinary approach that gives students enough room to explore their interests and choose subjects not only from their discipline but from other disciplines as well. Students are motivated to follow their passions rather than studying only what the syllabus has to offer. This makes Rishihood stand out in the crowd. Rishihood provides a vibrant environment where students can explore themselves and discover talents they never knew they had in themselves. They get to know themselves better and work even harder to improve. In a nutshell, Rishihood is the journey from being average to empowered - a state of being that’s yours forever. Everyone at Rishihood is a learner. Everyone experiences and explores Rishihood in their own different ways. So, Experiential Learning forms the core of Rishihood’s teaching-learning methodology. Apart from this, we encourage Peer Learning so that our students get to reflect on their knowledge more than they rely on classroom lectures. Rishihood is collaborating with like-minded institutions globally to foster education and research. Our partnerships will facilitate the exchange of Student, Faculty, and Researchers for increased knowledge sharing and better international cooperation.

Full Time Programmes/Syllabus/Admission

P.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 Master of Business Administration 2 Years 40 PDF 1644990174MBA_2021.pdf
2 Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship 2 Years 40 PDF
3 Master of Design 2 Years 40 PDF 1644989687MDES_2021.pdf
4 PG Diploma in Public Leadership - Rashtram Accelerator 1 Year 40 PDF
U.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 Bachelor Business Administration 3 Years 60 PDF 1644989579BBA_2021.pdf
2 Bachelor of Arts (H) - Education 3 Years 60 PDF 1644989525BAHE_2021.pdf
3 Bachelor of Arts (H) - Psychology 3 Years 60 PDF 1644989549BAHP_2021.pdf
4 Bachelor of Design 4 years 60 PDF 1644989338BDES_2021.pdf
Rishihood University

Rishihood University, NH-44 (GT Road) Near Bahalgarh Chowk, Sonipat, Haryana - 131021, INDIA

Website:- https://rishihood.edu.in

Email ID:- oaa@rishihood.edu.in

Contact No.- +91 89299 00404 ; 1800-120-6631