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The seed of today’s Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya (BPSMV) was sown way back in the year 1936. The journey began with the establishment of a Girls’ Gurukul with three girls in the first batch at Khanpur Kalan by revered Bhagat Phool Singh Ji whose seminal idea of empowering women through education was a revolutionary progressive giant step. The idea in fact could be termed as a precursor to today’s ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign. The erstwhile Gurukul established purely through philanthropic means not only expanded but also became a sought after centre of higher learning and education for girls. Bhagat Phool Singh Ji’s vision and the hard work done by his daughter Padamshree Subhashini turned the Gurukul into a premier institution modeled on Indian values and ethos. It was in August 2006, the Government of Haryana thought of giving a firm shape to the idea conceived by Bhagat Phool Singh Ji and upgraded the Gurukul and its constituent institutions to a women’s university mandated to further the original idea of Bhagat Phool Singh ji; “Women Empowerment Through Education”. Since then BPSMV has expanded on all fronts and offers a range of academic job oriented programmes touching almost all aspects of life and career. Establishment of University’s two Regional Centres at Kharal (Jind) and Krishan Nagar (Rewari) and affiliation of 05 women colleges with BPSMV is the testimony of its commitment and growing stature. BPSMV enjoys the distinction of being a university practicing ‘University Society Interface’ through community engagement, which is its core strength. • 2003 PSD Girls’ Law College, Khanpur Kalan • 1984 BPS Mahila Polytechnic, Khanpur Kalan • 1973 Maru Singh Memorial Ayurvedic College, Khanpur Kalan • 1936 Kanya Gurukul Senior Secondary School, Khanpur Kalan • 1999 TIG Bhainswal, Bhainswal Kalan • 1967 BPS Memorial Girls’ College, Khanpur Kalan

Salient Features • BPSMV is spread over lush green, pollution free and serene campus of 400 acres. • BPSMV is the firstrural, multi faculty, residential State Women University in the country providing education from KG to PhD. • BPSMV has the distinction of having its roots in ancient gurukul system. • The University is well connected by road to NH1, Rohtak, Sonepat, Panipat and Delhi. • The University offers completely safe and secure ambience for students. • The university has established state-of-the-art language laboratory (LRC). • The University Centre for Judicial Services (UCJS) has been established in the Department of Laws to prepare young law graduates for judiciary. • The University has trained school and college teachers of English through its autonomous Staff Training and Research Institute for Teaching of English (STRITE). • All academic & examination reforms recommended by UGC like Semester System, Credit System and Continuous & Internal evaluation have been implemented. The university has initiated to implement Choice Based Credit System in all its academic programmes. • The first University to establish a Centre for Society University Interface and Research (CSUIR). • BPSMV is the only university in Haryana to be awarded UGC’s Area Study Centre on Indic - Asian Studies. Prof. Sushma Yadava, VC, BPSMV with Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank', Hon'ble Minister of Human Resource Development, Prof. D. P. Singh, Chairman,UGC, Members of the UGC and Officials of MHRD Prof. Sushma Yadava alongwith Smt. Sunita Duggal, Member of Parliament and Ms. Mamta Yadav, National Vice President, ABVP inaugurating Mission Sahasi programme organized on the University Campus. • BPSMV offers facility to join NSS and NCC units. • In order to offer skills’ development opportunities to university girls and rural women from neighboring villages, Hero Motocorp in collaboration with UNDP has established Driving School on the university campus. • In order to provide entrepreneurship opportunities, UNDP has established Centre for Skills Development in Stitching at BPSMV for university students and rural women from the nearby villages. • The university provides placement assistance to the meritorious students especially of the professional courses. The companies are invited to the campus for placement. Special Centres • Centre for Indic-Asian Studies (CIAS): The University Grants Commission has awarded BPSMV an ‘Area Study Centre on Indic - Asian Studies’. BPSMV is the first and only University in Haryana to be given this prestigious Area Study Centre and the only University in India to research and study comparative Indic - Asian Studies, which are studied however in many western Universities such as University of Vienna in Austria and the University of Massachusetts in USA. The Centre for Indic - Asian Studies of BPSMV will devote itself to issues related to Indo - Asian knowledge systems: sciences, technology, business, management, arts, architecture, ethics, philosophy, history, culture, social values, customs and practices, polity and pluralism. It shall promote an understanding of contemporary India and its interface with contemporary world. Centre for Indic - Asian Studies has organized two international conferences and has published two books of international importance: Affinities India and Korea: Past and Present and Mekong – Ganga Axis. The Centre for Indic - Asian Studies has operationalized its dedicated website: www.sthaneshwaranidhi. ac.in which contains information on various themes pertaining to Indo-Asian culture and traditions. CIAS is also planning to organize an International Conference with focus on Shri Lanka and Bangladesh very soon. • Centre for Society University Interface and Research (CSUIR): • CSUIR was established in August 2010 with an aim to bridge the disconnection between University and society. It organizes courses and activities which are of direct relevance to the rural community and to formulate schemes that recover traditional good agricultural practices, sustain and conserve the vast knowledge reservoir of rural women. The Centre offers innovative courses in three core areas viz. Integrated Energy Resource Management, Microfinance Practices and Folk Medicine. • Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC): The objectives of HRDC at BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya are in cognizance and harmony with the vision of MHRD and UGC of developing skilled academicians and educators for the growth of young minds and thereby of a nation as a whole. The HRDC is committed to its vision of providing excellent training & development programmes in helping academicians to reach their full potential by developing their academic competencies, pedagogical innovation and critical thinking skills. Teachers from all over India have benefited by undertaking various courses offered by the HRDC. • Front Line Demonstration Centre (FLDC): Based on Indo Israel project, FLDC of excellence in vegetables has been established by BPSMV in 03 acres. The centre trains farmers and women of neighboring villages in modern techniques of farming which in turn boosts their economic independence. • Learning Resource Centre (LRC): The Learning Resource Centre has six state-of-the-art Language Labs, equipped with latest technological software, which helps in effective learning of communication skills which are compulsory to learn for all the enrolled students. LRC imparts training & guidance for appearing in International English Proficiency examination Business English Certificate (BEC). The LRC had the privilege of hosting American interns. • Staff Training and Research Institute for Teaching of English (STRITE): STRITE has been established as an autonomous Institute of BPSMV for imparting training in effective teaching of English & operation of language laboratory to school & college teachers. So far STRITE has conducted 10 Teacher Training Programmes. • University Placement and Counseling Cell (UPACC): UPACC provides free placement and counseling guidance to all the students of the University. • University Centre for Judicial Services (UCJS): UCJS has been established in the University for imparting coaching and guidance for entering into judicial services. • Central Library: The Central Library has a stock of approximately 17013 books. It has approximately 7000 users and subscribes to 55 National and International Journals, 04 Electronic Databases (Proquest, IBI, Lexis- Nexis, and Emerald), 70 Magazines & Periodicals and 22 Newspapers (Hindi & English). The library provides access to reputed Databases/Journals like JSTOR, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) database, Economic & Political Weekly (E&PW), NDL E-resources (World E-Book library, SAA) and Urkund Plagiarism Detection Software through UGC INFONET Digital Libraries Consortium. • Women’s Studies Centre: Women’s Studies Centre was established in December 2017. Following the University’s vision & mission, the centre shall undertake, promote and coordinate extensive collaborative research on fundamental and applied issues related to women and development. Certain courses are proposed and we hope to make those functional by next year. The Centre has initiated the publication of bilingual Woman Magazine ANANTA that shall be published every year in December. MOUs: BPSMV has signed the following active MOUs with:- • Durban University of Technology, South Africa. • St. Catherine University, USA for Academic Exchange of Ayurvedic Studies. • National Cooperative Union of India (NSUI), New Delhi. • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) • Shiksha Sanskriti Utthaan Nyaas, Delhi. • Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Palwal, Haryana List of Women’s Colleges Affiliated to BPSMV 1. Tau Devi Lal Government College for Women, Murthal, Sonipat 2. Government College for Women, Gohana, Sonipat 3. Arya Adarsh Girls’ College, Madlauda, Panipat 4. Government College for Women, Madlauda, Panipat 5. Government College for Women, Sonipat 6. Governmant Girls’ College Mohana, Sonipat

Full Time Programmes/Syllabus/Admission

Ph.D Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 Ph D mathematics 4 YEARS 2 PDF
2 PhD (CSE) 4 YEARS 09 PDF
3 PhD Economics 4 YEARS 5 PDF
4 PhD English 4 YEARS As per ordinance PDF
5 PhD in Education 4 YEARS 10 PDF 1644487586PhD_Education.pdf
6 PhD in Law 4 YEARS 5 PDF 1644487303PhD_in_Law.pdf
7 PhD Management 4 YEARS 2 PDF
8 PhD Social Work 4 YEARS 4 PDF 1644487443PhD_Social_Work.pdf
P.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 MSc Chemistry 2 YEARS 30 - 1645089386MSc_Chemistry.pdf
2 MSc Geography 2 YEARS 30 - 1645088652MSc_Geography.pdf
3 LLM 1 YEARS 30 PDF 1644486276LLM.pdf
4 M Com 2 YEARS 60 PDF 1644491302M_Com.pdf
5 M phil English 1 YEARS 11 PDF
6 MA (Education) 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1644490041MA_Education(2018).pdf
7 MA (English) 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1644488948MA_English.pdf
8 MA Economics 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1644489314MA_Economics.pdf
9 MA History and Archaeology 2 YEARS 40 PDF 1645073387M_A_History__Archaeology.pdf
10 MA History and Archaeology 2 year 40 - 1645073250M_A_History_&_Archaeology.pdf
11 MA HistoryandArchaeology 2 YEARS 40 - 1645083262MA_HistoryandArchaeology.pdf
12 MA Political Science 2 YEARS 40 PDF 1645081626M_A_Political_Science.pdf
13 MA Social Work 2 YEARS 40 PDF 1644487901MA_Social_Work.pdf
14 Master of Physical Education and Sports 2 YEAR 30 PDF 1645158663Master_of_Physical_Education_and_Sports.pdf
15 MBA 2 YEARS 60 PDF 1645159689MBA.pdf
16 MBA Lateral Entry 1 YEAR 30 PDF 1644487742MBA(LEAD).pdf
17 MEd 2 YEAR 50 PDF 1644905090Med_(1).pdf
18 MHM (Masters in Hotel Management) 2 YEARS 15 PDF 1645093772MHM_(Masters_in_Hotel_Management).pdf
19 MPhil (Education) 1 YEAR 15 PDF 1644489715M_Phil_Education_(2018-19).pdf
20 Mphil Commerce 1 YEARS 02 PDF 1645158183Mphil_Commerce.pdf
21 MSc Mathematics 2 YEARS 40 PDF 1645082063M_Sc_Mathematics.pdf
22 MSc Chemistry - -
23 MSc Chemistry 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1645093984MSc_Chemistry.pdf
24 MSc Geography 2 YEARS 30 - 1645088798MSc_Geography.pdf
25 MSc Geography - -
26 MSc Geography 2 YEAR 30 PDF
27 MSc in Home Science (Food and Nutrition) 2 YEARS 24 PDF 1644488747MSc_home_science_F_N.pdf
28 MSc Mathematics 2 YEARS 40 - 1645082304M_Sc_Mathematics.pdf
29 MSc Physics 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1645094117MSc_Physics.pdf
30 MTech Fashion Technology- Functional Garments 2 YEARS 20 PDF 1645096246MTech_Fashion_Technology-_Functional_Garments.pdf
31 MTech Network Security CSE 2 YEARS 20 PDF 1644489510M_Tech_CSE.pdf
Dual Degree Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 BA LLB 5 YEARS 120 PDF 1645090823BA_LLB.pdf
2 BBA LLB 5 YEARS 120 PDF 1645090047BBA_LLB.pdf
3 MA English (Integrated) 5 YEARS 50 PDF 1644489161MA_ENGLISH_(INTEGRATED).pdf
U.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 B Pharmacy 4 YEARS 60 PDF 1645091114B_Pharmacy.pdf
2 B Pharmacy (Lateral entry) 3 YEARS 06 + vacant seats of the first year PDF 1645435992B_Pharmacy_(Lateral_entry).pdf
3 BA 3 YEARS 350 PDF 1645089898BA.pdf
4 BA Hons Economics 3 years 30 PDF 1645094450BA_Hons_Economics.pdf
5 BA HonsEconomics 3 YEARS 30 - 1645083754BA_HonsEconomics.pdf
6 Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports 3 years 50 PDF 1645094881Bachelor_of_Physical_Education_and_Sports.pdf
7 BAMS 4.5 YEARS 60 PDF 1644491886BAMS.pdf
8 BBA 3 YEARS 60 PDF 1644490511BBA.pdf
9 BCom (Honos) 3 YEARS 60 - 1645082956BCom_(Hons).pdf
10 BCom (Honours) 3 YEARS 60 PDF
11 BEd ( Bachelor of Education) 2 YEAR 100 PDF 1644907720B_ed_Scheme_of_Examnations_and_syllabus_(1)(2)(3)(4).pdf
12 BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) 4 YEARS 30 PDF 1645091503BHM.pdf
13 BSC (Computer Science) 3 YEARS 30 PDF 1644491025BSc_Camputer_Science.pdf
14 BSc (Home Science) 3 YEARS 50 PDF 1644491090English_(BSc_Home_Science).pdf
15 BSc (Medical) 3 YEARS 40 PDF 1645435200BSc_(Medical).pdf
16 BSc (Non Medical) 3 YEARS 60 PDF 1645424647BSc_(Non_Medical).pdf
17 BTech Computer Sciences Engineering and Information Technology 4 YEARS 60 PDF 1644905867B_Tech_IT_1st_to_8th_semester.pdf
18 BTech Fashion Technology 4 YEARS 30 PDF 1645075820B_Tech_FT_3rd_4th_Semester.pdf
19 BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 YEARS 60 PDF 1644906065B_Tech_ECE_(2015-16).pdf
20 DEd (Diploma in Education ) 2 YEARS 50 PDF 1644908302D_ed.pdf
Diploma Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 Advanced Diploma of Proficiency French German Russian 06 months 20 PDF
2 Advanced Diploma of Proficiency in Folk Medicine 1 YEARS 50 PDF
3 Advanced Diploma of Proficiency in Microfinance Practices & Women 1 YEARS 50 PDF
4 Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy D Pharma (Ayu) 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1645091919Diploma_in_Ayurvedic_Pharmacy_D_Pharma_(Ayu).pdf
5 Diploma in Foreign Language Teaching French German Russian 2 YEARS 20 PDF
6 Diploma in Ksharsutra Therapy DKT 1 YEARS 5+2 super numerary for CCKT PDF 1645095018Diploma_in_Ksharsutra_Therapy_DKT.pdf
7 Diploma in Panchkarma Therapy DPT 1 YEARS 30+5 super numerary for CCPT PDF 1645095157Diploma_in_Panchkarma_Therapy_DPT.pdf
8 Diploma in YOGA Science DYSc 1 YEARS 20+10 super numeric for CCYN PDF 1645095246Diploma_in_YOGA_Science_DYSc.pdf
9 Diploma of Proficiency French German Russian 06 months 20 PDF 1644486778DIPLOMA_OF_PROFICIENCY_FRENCH_GERMAN_RUSSIAN.pdf
10 Diploma of Proficiency in Cooperative Management 1 YEARS 50 PDF
11 Diploma of Proficiency in Folk Medicine 1 YEARS 50 PDF
12 Diploma of Proficiency in Micro Finance Practices and Women 1 YEARS 50 PDF
13 Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Laws 1 YEAR 20 PDF
14 Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Language Teaching(French German Russian 2 YEAR 10 PDF 1645095621Post_Graduate_Diploma_in_Foreign_Language_Teaching(French_German_Russian.pdf
15 Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights & Duties 1 YEAR 20 PDF
16 Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance Laws 1 YEAR 20 PDF
Certificate Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 Certificate Course in Human Rights 06 months 50 PDF
2 Certificate of Proficiency French German Russian 06 months 20 PDF
3 Certificate of Proficiency in Cooperative Management 1 YEARS 50 PDF
4 Certificate of Proficiency in Folk Medicine 1 YEARS 50 PDF
5 Certificate of Proficiency in Integrated Energy and Resource Management 1 YEARS 50 PDF
6 Certificate of Proficiency in Micro Finance Practices and Women 1 YEARS 50 PDF
Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya

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