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“It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul” The above quotation wonderfully sums up the forceful and dynamic personality of Shri. Gopal Sharma, the Founder- Principal of MVN Schools. A man with a vision, he changed the whole approach and the concept of education in the small industrial town of Faridabad and put it on the map of the NCR. It is his dream and vision that has inspired and guided the institution as it moves from strength to strength, carving a niche for itself. A true son of the soil, he began his life from the humble village of Khambi. A great teacher himself, he realized the need for an institution that could provide quality education to the students of Faridabad and ensure that they become worthy citizens and above all good human beings. A great visionary and a pioneer in the field of education, he laid the foundation of a Modern Vidya Niketan School in April 1983 with just a handful of students. It is his guiding spirit which has molded the school and made it one of the leading institutions in the NCR today. He firmly believed that a school should aim at building an integrated personality that is a harmonious balance of our body, our thoughts and our aspirations that help a person realize his own unique potential. Our Founder, Principal wanted to focus on the growth of each student’s personality by imparting integral and holistic education. In 2000, Shri Gopal Sharma conceptualized and realized his dream of laying the foundation of MVN Aravali Hills, an Ultra modern school in the lush green lap of the Aravali Hills. The eight acre premises provide an environment to its students which allows for their multifaceted growth and development into responsible citizens and professionals of tomorrow, where competition is favored, achievement is applauded and individual dynamism is ceaselessly on the wings of transition, the MVN Society aspires for something more than just formal education. We aim to inculcate in our children the values that would help them to be self reliant indecision and responsive to changes in environment and circumstances develop the capability to take calculated risks where required, manage top complexity, be curious and sound in reasoning. This concept is the rich legacy of our beloved mentor. Shri Gopal Sharma steered the best institution towards the ideal of excellence and quality education. His patronage, guidance and innovative drive are palpable in every facet of all its institutions which aim at top developing the mental, physical and spiritual potential of each individual to nurture them into a well balanced and integrated personality. His vision continues to inspire and motivate us even today and the school proudly upholds his commitment to excellence in all fields.

Since its establishment in 2012, MVN University has focused on educating the rural mass through its innovative & need based programs and a personalized approach to learning through well thought out teaching learning process. The institute provides ample opportunities for integrated development of the personality. The university with its legacy of more than 38 years in education has designed curriculum with a set of foundation and core courses that it not only develops necessary skills to achieve a rewarding career but also nurtures enlightened citizens with strong character and value-base. At MVN every student learns social citizenship roles through several unique courses like workplace competencies, independent learning, Indian Ethos & Human Quality Development, Universal Human Values, Indian Cultural Heritage, Environment Studies, Women in Indian society. These courses are believed to create multi-faceted citizens and holistic personalities with required life skills to have a balanced approach towards life. Thus, the holistic education offered at MVN has always been outcome based. This student centric approach has been practiced since its inception. The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), Program Specific Outcomes (POs) and Learning (course) Outcomes (LOs) of all programs and courses are defined, articulated and mapped in alignment with our vision, mission and the learning requirements of the students. The various programs like B. Tech, B. Pharm, MBA, B.SC Agriculture & all allied health science courses carry the optimal blend of theory and practice to develop the required skill set as per the needs of industry. Industrial visits, internships, medical & legal camps, sessions by Industry experts throughout the year provide on ground experience & insight into the industry. Few courses like undergraduate courses in agriculture have a special mandatory Rural agriculture work experience (RAWE) program for 6 months. These students as per the ICAR guidelines will be placed in the villages to understand rural life & to get familiar with socio - economic situation of the village. Similarly, Pharmacy & allied health students undergo compulsory internships at nearby hospitals Educational inequality in Haryana is very high. It has been found that there is a wide gap in the state in more than half of its districts. The disparity index is high. MVN University is braking this inequality by bringing girls into agriculture, job oriented allied health sciences there by empowering women through education. Started with courses in Engineering & Management, university has moved ahead of time in introducing emerging areas of knowledge such as undergraduate & post graduate courses in Biotechnology, microbiology, physiotherapy, medical Lab technology, Pharmacy, Legal studies, political science, economics & Agriculture etc. The institute provides autonomy to the departments /faculties for updation of existing curricula to incorporate latest knowledge and introduction of new courses. The modifications in the curriculum proposed by Board of Studies are adopted after brainstorming at the Faculty Meetings, Academic Council enriched by academicians and industry experts. Research is promoted in the university by developing suitable academic infrastructure along with financial support through incentive scheme.

Full Time Programmes/Syllabus/Admission

Ph.D Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 School of Agriculture 3 YEARS (Minimum) As per UGC Norms PDF 1644815824Ph.D_Scheme_.pdf
2 School of Allied Health Sciences 3 YEARS (Minimum) As per UGC Norms PDF 1644815816Ph.D_Scheme_.pdf
3 School of Business Management & Commerce 3 YEARS (Minimum) As per UGC Norms PDF 1644815789Ph.D_Scheme_.pdf
4 School of Engineering & Technology 3 YEARS (Minimum) As per UGC Norms PDF 1644815780Ph.D_Scheme_.pdf
5 School of Law 3 YEARS (Minimum) As per UGC Norms PDF 1644815797Ph.D_Scheme_.pdf
6 School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 3 YEARS (Minimum) As per UGC Norms PDF 1644815807Ph.D_Scheme_.pdf
P.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 LL.M. 1 YEAR 40 PDF 1644814277LLM.pdf
2 M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) 2 Years 6 PDF 1644043274M.Pharm..pdf
3 M.Sc. (Microbiology) 2 Years 15 PDF 1644043320M.Sc._Microbiology.pdf
4 M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy) 2 Years 15 PDF 1644043385M.Sc._Agri._(Agro).pdf
5 MBA 2 YEARS 30 PDF 1644814304MBA.pdf
U.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 B. Pharm 4 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814553B._PHARMACY.pdf
2 B.Com (Hons.) 3 YEARS 30 PDF 1644814391B.COM_(Hons).pdf
3 B.Sc. (Bio-Technology) 3 Years 60 PDF 1644043220Biotechnology.pdf
4 B.Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology) 3 YEARS 30 PDF 1644814501B.Sc._(MEDICAL_LAB_TECHNOLOGY).pdf
5 B.Sc. (Medical Microbiology) 3 YEARS 30 PDF 1644814525B.Sc._(MEDICAL_MICROBIOLOGY).pdf
6 B.Sc. Hons ( Agriculture ) 4 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814461B.Sc._(Hons)_AGRICULTURE.pdf
7 B.Tech – Computer Science Engineering 4 YEARS 30 PDF 1644814337B.TECH_-_COMPUTER_SCIENCE_&_ENGINEERING.pdf
8 BA LL.B. 5 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814635BA_LLB.pdf
9 BBA 3 Years 30 PDF 1644043121BBA_.pdf
10 BBA LL.B. 5 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814585BBA_LLB.pdf
11 BPT – Bachelor of Physiotherapy 4.5 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814418BACHELOR_OF_PHYSIOTHERAPY.pdf
12 LL.B. 3 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814359LLB.pdf
Diploma Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 D.Pharm 2 YEARS 60 PDF 1644814607D.PARMACY.pdf
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