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Shri Vishwakarma Skill University is a State university established under Act 25 of 2016. The objective to establish this skill University is to facilitate and promote skill, entrepreneurship development, skill based education and research in the emerging areas of manufacturing, information technology, textile, design, logistics and transportation, automation, agriculture, maintenance, etc. and to raise skill level in various fields related to these areas.Lord Vishwakarma is considered as the God of skills and technology. He is known to be the architect of this universe and also the designer of all flying chariots of Gods and their divine weapons. Chariots have a significant place in our civilisation. These were driven by horses – known for their purpose, speed, and dynamism. It is over such a chariot, aeons ago Lord Krishna revealed the Principles of Karma to Arjuna that guided him to the path of purposeful action and also set the direction for generations to beacon with. We take inspiration from the chariot and connect with the legend of Haryana, that is Mahabharata. Lord Vishwakarma was also a city planner; who created Dwaraka, the capital of Lord Krishna; the town of Hastinapur – the capital of Kauravas and Indraprastha for Pandavas. A look at our university model and you would realise that the six academic blocks are conceived as horses and administrative and auditorium blocks as balancing wheels of the chariot.

Full Time Programmes/Syllabus/Admission

P.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 M.Tech.(Robotics & Automation) 2 Years 18 PDF
2 Master of Vocation in Agriculture 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470022M.Voc._Agriculture.pdf
3 Master of Vocation in Entrepreneurship 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470055M._Voc._Entrepreneurship.pdf
4 Master of Vocation in Geo-Informatics 2 Years 20 PDF
5 Master of Vocation in Management-Banking and Finance 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470091M._Voc.Banking_and_Finance.pdf
6 Master of Vocation in Management-HRM 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470120M._Voc._Management_HRM.pdf
7 Master of Vocation in Public Health 2 Years 30 PDF 1644469984M.Voc_Final_(Public_Health_-_2020-21).pdf
8 Master of Vocation in Robotics and Automation 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470156M.Voc_Robotics.pdf
9 MBA(Business Analytics) 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470215MBA_(Business_Analytics).pdf
10 MBA(General) 2 Years 20 PDF 1644470196MBA.pdf
U.G Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 B.Tech.(Computer Science Engineering in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) 4 Years 60 PDF
2 B.Tech.(Mechanical & Smart Manufacturing) 4 Years 60 PDF
3 Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail Management 3 Years 35 PDF 1644469942BBA.pdf
4 Bachelor of Vocation in Agriculture 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469576B.Voc._Agriculture.pdf
5 Bachelor of Vocation in Management-BPM and Analytics 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469625B._Voc._BPM.pdf
6 Bachelor of Vocation in Management-Financial Services 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469602B._Voc._Financial_Services.pdf
7 Bachelor of Vocation in Mechanical-Manufacturing 3 Years 180 PDF 1644469668B.Voc_Mechanical_Manufacturing.pdf
8 Bachelor of Vocation in Mechatronics 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469715B.Voc_Mechatronics.pdf
9 Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Laboratory Technology 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469751B.Voc._Final_(MLT-2020-21)_(1).pdf
10 Bachelor of Vocation in Production-Tool and Die Manufacturing 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469801B.Voc_PTDM.pdf
11 Bachelor of Vocation in Public Services 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469845B.Voc._Final_(Public_Services-2020-21).pdf
12 Bachelor of Vocation in Robotics and Automation 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469881B.Voc_RBA.pdf
13 Bachelor of Vocation in Solar Technology 3 Years 30 PDF 1644469903B.voc_(Solar_Technology).pdf
Diploma Programme
Sr.No. programme duration intake eligibility & career opportunities syllabus
1 Diploma in German Language 1.5 Years 30 PDF
2 Diploma in Hospitality-Ethnic Foods & Sweets Processing 1 Years 30 PDF 1644469544Diploma_Hospitality.pdf
3 Diploma in Music (Folk Art Banchari) 1 Years 20 PDF 1644469515Diploma_in_Folk_Art_Banchari.pdf
4 Diploma in*Sharada Script & Manuscriptology 1 Year 30 PDF
5 Diploma of Vocation in Industrial Electronics 3 years 20 PDF 1644467830DVOC.pdf
6 Diploma of Vocation in Mechanical-Manufacturing 3 Years 60 PDF 1644468643DMM.pdf
Shri Vishwakarma Skill University

2nd and 3rd floor,Plot No 147, Sector-44, District Gurugram, State Haryana, Pin Code: 121102, India

Website:- https://svsu.ac.in

Email ID:- info@svsu.ac.in

Contact No.- 0124–2746800